What Installation On Official Site:

All of them are handy to operate and designed to aid businesses in pleasing their tasks efficiently. Any place of work is incomplete besides the utilization of Microsoft Office. The platform has made it simpler for places of work all around the globe to hold their workload.

With the new updates and packages, It is now popularly recognized as MS Office 365. It is because of their every year subscription bundle that approves users to have a complete collection of Microsoft-Office Suite. Office 365 is handy for subscription and installation on the legitimate site:

What is Microsoft Office Setup?

Office Setup includes high end applications like Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Access and on your PC, Publisher and Access. Everything you need for home, school, and office downloaded from

Every application is a key to reduce the working stress. These programs are made with brilliance and latest features. You can easily make a presentation or create any kind of document with these software. From home to all shape and size of business, from desktop to web office has been the dominating tool for every one of them. It delivers a complete set of tools which you need to get the work done.

How to Find Office Setup Product Key?

An office product key is a 25 digit unique alphanumeric code that is used for the one-time installation of the Office setup tool. When you buy Office 365 for the first time, you will get the product key alongside the disk package. If you have bought it from an online store, then you must look for the product key at your registered email. in case you bought offline you need to visit it on the backside of your retail card. Microsoft office setup product key seems like xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.

How To Install Office product Key ?

1. Once you click “Next” after filling in your “Country” and “Language”, the website will prompt you to select your subscription. Make the selection.
2. Press the “Download” option to get the product in your device.
3. Check the terms and conditions and press “Install”.
4. That’s it. Just wait for the installation to complete before you can begin using your Suite.

How to set up or reinstall

1. Go to
2. Sign in with your Microsoft account, or create one if you do not have one. Be certain to take into account this account so that you can install or reinstall Office later, without a product key.
3. Enter your Office product key, besides hyphens, if prompted. If you don't see the alternative to enter your product key, it was entered for you automatically.

Important: If you are renewing an Office 365 subscription, enter the Microsoft account this is related with your subscription. I can't remember my Microsoft account.